AS A CHILD, raised in the beautiful city of Boston, it was evident
to my parents early on, I was an individual who viewed the
world very differently. From collections of eccentric pencils, protractors, 
compasses to unorthodox but color-coordinated middle school outfits.
It was during these formative years, I was learning to embrace who
I was becoming, an artist.
Nowadays, I express my creativity by solving real-world problems
such as: How can using this typeface bring out my clients voice? Can complimentary colors make logos stand out among the fray? How can the principles of UX design help my clients understand their pain points?
Why am I in business you ask?
I love to collaborate and facilitate with my clients. I am fulfilled as a human being when I can assist another person in a meaningful way. Using design is that conduit for me to help people fulfill their potential and satisfy their needs.
"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
–Walt Disney–

Walt's words to the wise are essentially, actions speak louder than words.
The foundation of imaginaction studios is based on these words.
Let's get to work, designing the future.

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